Operational, managerial and academic experience

With a lifetime dedicated to working in almost all phases of healthcare, it seemed obvious that at this point, academia was the best place. Teaching forces one to be current on topics, and making certain that others learn what you are offering provides the teacher with a forum of challenge - questioning everything, explaining and mentoring to a fault.

Teaching both online and in person, being an instructor has allowed me to explore the more complex and current areas of healthcare, spawning published articles and blog musings to address areas and problems in healthcare that are rarely considered.

I created HealthcareInfoSources.com as an information source for my students, and it is has found acceptance around the world as a place to go for the latest and best information in the world of healthcare.

Academia Experience - Courses Taught

I currently instruct and provide graduate content development in a part-time contract capacity for five universities/colleges. This mostly online instruction to international learners, however I also provide lectures at a local college for healthcare professionals and associations upon request.

I serve as a Subject Matter Expert for Patient Safety, Quality, Performance Improvement, and Accreditation for graduate level Nursing and Integrated Health Programs. In doing so, I create and instruct online college credit and continuing education programs for healthcare professionals.

I instruct online college-credit Graduate and Undergraduate classes in Health Administration/Management, Health Studies, Public Health, Health Science, Patient Safety.

College credit topics taught include:
  • Error Science and Risk Assessment
  • Healthcare Quality and Improvement
  • Public Health
  • Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Management Capstone
  • Intro into Healthcare Analytics
  • Long-term Managed Care
  • Environmental Health
  • Measurement, Analysis, and Models for Performance Improvement
  • Health Care Law and Regulation
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Healthcare Research
  • Regulatory, Compliance, Accreditation, and Promoting a Patient Safety Culture
  • Patient Safety
  • Health Issues and Reform
  • Ethics in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Education
  • Healthcare Risk Management

Continuing Education and presentation topics include:
  • Patient Safety; Applying Adult Learning Principles to Patient Safety
  • Regulatory Insights and Issues
  • Preparing for Healthcare Survey
  • Performance Improvement; Quality Measures
  • Human Factors in Healthcare
  • Just Culture in Healthcare