A Healthcare Quality Refresher Guide – by Default

Something amazing happened the other day. I found a treasure I unwittingly buried for myself five years ago.

While cleaning out a file cabinet at home, I discovered the notes I compiled while studying for my CPHQ (Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality) exam in 2009. With a quick scan of rumpled papers, I was reminded of some great information still very pertinent in 2014. While the notes are cryptic in some places, they did serve to jog my memory and dust off some neglected improvement tools, models, and methods still ready to be put to good use.  And for a moment, I graciously appreciated my poor filing habits that contributed to a Healthcare Quality Refresher Guide half a decade later.

Now I can’t wait to clean out the hall closet to find what forgotten treasures dwell there as well.

I submit the notes for your review below in hopes you find renewed tools and insights buried within!

Healthcare Quality Refresher Guide


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